TGI 113 | ENT183J Essentials of Marketing (2 credits, Second Half)
When:  Spring
Credits:  2 credits, Second Half
Enrollment Restrictions:  None
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Sean Harrington

Sean Harrington

Sean is the Founder and General Manager of Notemeal – a software ecosystem creating a new fueling experience for athletes, connecting them with their sports dietitian and chef(s) to increase performance through nutrition.
Farah Momen

Farah Momen

Farah Momen is an entrepreneurship connector, practitioner, and program leader. She is the Founder and FoodX designer at Bondhu.


Practical examination of marketing from startups to nonprofits, including opportunities to gain hands-on, applicable experience, emphasizing the mindset and skillset to apply marketing principles. Consumer behavior, market research, audience targeting and segmentation, positioning, digital marketing, and the elements of the marketing mix. Importance of personal branding and the application of marketing principles in professional settings.