Weekly Accelerator Updates

TVA24 Workshop: Advanced Market Research Techniques

Instructor: Elaine Chen

Session Description

When most new venture teams think of market research, they think of two techniques: detailed interviews, and online surveys. There are actually many more techniques that are very helpful to entrepreneurs. Qualitative techniques such as shadowing, immersion and photoessays, and quantitative techniques involving specific types of online surveys such as the Net Promoter Score, Sean Ellis’s Product Market Fit test, or typical 5-point Likert Scale surveys for product interest, purchase intent, or customer satisfaction should all be included in an entrepreneur’s toolkit – or indeed, in the toolkit of anyone who does new product development.

In this workshop, we will review the options and dive deep into which techniques makes sense for ventures engaged in different stages of development. We will also tackle stakeholder mapping which is the first step to planning any research study – because you will only be able to recruit the right research subjects if you are able to clearly identify your stakeholders.