Entrepreneurship Learning Center

A starting point for first time entrepreneurs

Welcome to our Self-Paced Entrepreneurship Learning Center!

Starting a new venture but don’t have much experience in innovation and entrepreneurship? You’ve come to the right place.

Tufts University’s Self-Paced Entrepreneurship Learning Center provides you with the concepts, frameworks and skillset needed to build a new venture from scratch. Feel free to go in order or start exploring any module at will.

Entrepreneurship 101: Building a new venture

Introduce yourself to key frameworks, concepts and skills that will help you build a new venture from the ground up

Module 1: Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

Define your “why”, choose a problem to solve, build a founding team, and master entrepreneurship frameworks.

Module 2: Market and Customer

Choose a beachhead market to start with, build knowledge about your customer and understand their needs and goals

Module 3: Solution and Differentiation

Define your solution and value proposition, test for problem-solution fit, and ensure it is different and better than the alternative

Module 4: Go To Market Strategy

Develop buyer personas and map their buying process, and understand your sales funnel

Module 5: Finances, Risks, and Opportunities

Develop financial models, assess risks and opportunities, and explore ways to raise capital

Module 6: The Venture’s Journey

Adding to the team, forging a culture, address legal, finance and operations concerns, and build a toolkit for the future

Educational Videos

View recorded Zoom videos from an entrepreneurial bootcamp held at DEC in 2021

Self-Guided Accelerator

Follow the structure of our 2022 10-week-long accelerator and make progress on your venture

Pitching resources

Learn to put forward your very best pitch