Weekly Accelerator Updates

TVA24 Workshop: Entrepreneurial Founding and Teams

Instructor: Elaine Chen

Session Description

There are many difficult conversations that need to be had between cofounders of a new venture. In this workshop, we will review the framework presented in First Round Capital’s seminal article, “50 Questions To Explore With A Cofounder” by Gloria Lin. We will then spend most of our time on Part 5: Team Culture, and Part 6: Cofounder Relationship.

Each team member will have time and space to reflect on the discussion prompts individually, then discuss it as a group. We encourage every team to schedule recurring working sessions to continue the conversation throughout your venture creation journey, so you can develop a transparent and empathetic environment where cofounders can bring up issues of conflict with psychological safety, solving for the interests of the venture without losing sight of the cofounders as individuals, each with their own aspirations, career pathways and constraints.