Weekly Accelerator Updates

TVA24 Workshop: Solution and Differentiation

Instructor: Elaine Chen

Session Description

How differentiated is your solution based on what you know? How far can you push your MVP this summer? For B2C software ventures it is very possible to build a no code version of a throwaway app and test the solution in the market immediately. For social ventures in another country, you can design the solution but implementation takes a little bit more time. For health tech ventures, you can plan, but a lot of times, you cannot pull together a working prototype.

In this workshop, you will share what you have with your coaches and your peers, and do a preliminary audit for problem-solution fit based on data available today. You will make plans to push your product and solution prototyping as far as it will go. We will also help you develop habits to check for problem solution fit and do continuous customer development along the way.

You will come away with an actionable plan to take your MVP to the next level in the course of the summer.