Tufts Entrepreneurial Initiative Fund

Funding project expenses for student-led entrepreneurial initiatives

The Tufts Entrepreneurial Initiative Fund is a pilot program where we provide modest levels of funding to individual students, student teams or student clubs to support them in their entrepreneurial initiatives. Eligible funding requests are in the $50-$500 range.

Example use of funds and past awardees include:

  • Food expenses in co-branded and co-sponsored events (Tufts Blockchain Club)
  • Conference expenses (Black Women Empowerment Conference, Producthon by Product Studio)
  • Student-run competition awards (Jumbo Ventures)

Starting in Spring 2023, we will be expanding this program to cover individual students and student teams who need help funding project and travel expenses, especially surrounding primary market research.

Interested? Email us at entrepreneurship@tufts.edu to learn more.