ENT101 Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
When:  Fall and Spring
Credits:  3
Enrollment Restrictions:  Sophomore standing is required.
Additional Notes:  This is the required foundational course for the ENT minor. As the ground work for team formation happens during the first 3 weeks, we will not be able to add any students after our Week 2 meeting.


Moneer Azzam

Moneer Azzam

Moneer is a change agent and thought leader with over 30 years of experience in the sustainable infrastructure and energy industry.
Tim Buntel

Tim Buntel

Tim Buntel is an experienced product and strategy leader and tech entrepreneur with two successful exits.
Tina Weber

Tina Weber

Tina is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys helping companies with product market strategy and development.


There is no better way to understand how to create, plan and run a business than to learn how to start one. In this course we will introduce the core mindset and skillset behind new venture creation. Students will learn how to systematically explore their own passions and desire for impact to find problems worth solving, team up with other students with similar industry or sector interests, and learn how to build a new, standalone venture by building and pitching one during the semester. Students will learn tools and frameworks from practicing entrepreneurs. The mindset and skillset you will learn will form a strong foundation for you to further explore additional topics in innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Upon completion of the course, students will have learned to speak the language of business. Specifically, they will:

  • Learn to be nimble, agile, iterative, and know how to “fail fast”
  • Understand the basic principles behind innovation and new venture creation, including but not limited to:
    • Exploring their own sense of purpose, and finding problems that are important and worth solving, with the potential for significant impact
    • Analyzing market opportunities and selecting a target market segment
    • Understanding your market and customer
    • Building a solution that is different and better than the alternative
    • Developing a go-to-market strategy and business model
    • Building a marketing plan to raise awareness & generate leads
    • Learning how to make money and build a financially sustainable venture
    • Understanding what it takes to build and contribute to a high performing team, and the logistics around building a company
    • Effective presentation skills

What people say

“This course has taught me to always ask questions and ask others questions to learn more about a problem. It taught me that my WHY and purpose and passion in doing anything is so so so important to success and persistence. It taught me about team dynamics and how important it is to not do things alone. It has helped me learn more about myself and what I can do/contribute as a person in a society rather than a student just trying to get a good grade.”

– An ENT101 Student