ENT162 Bringing Products To Market
When:  Spring
Credits:  3
Enrollment Restrictions:  Must have at least Sophomore standing.
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Josh Wiesman

Josh Wiesman

Josh Wiesman teaches Consumer Product Ventures (one of the foundational entrepreneurship courses for the Entrepreneurship Minor at Tufts) and Bringing Products to Market.


“Bringing a Product to Market” covers the design process of a consumer product from ideation to pre-production of a new product.

The course teaches the consumer centered design process through lectures and the creation, engineering, and prototyping of a novel product. Students learn to identify and evaluate a problem (opportunity), create, develop, test (with consumers), and
select best prototyping strategies for their product.

Basic project and risk management, engineering, and analysis skills are used to deliver a robust working product on time and on budget. Students are assumed to be competent in basic problem solving skills.