ENT162 Bringing Products To Market
When:  Spring
Credits:  3
Enrollment Restrictions:  Must have at least Sophomore standing.
Additional Notes:  


Luke Fraser

Luke Fraser

Luke is the founder and CEO of Stepwise Innovation, an innovation consulting and training organization that helps corporate teams discover and develop transformational ideas.


“Bringing a Product to Market” covers the design process of a product from ideation to deployment and market launch.

The course teaches the user-centered design process through lectures and the creation, engineering, and prototyping of a novel product. Students learn to identify and evaluate a problem (opportunity), create, develop, test (with consumers), and select best prototyping strategies for their product.

Students will learn basic project and risk management, engineering, and analysis skills are used to deliver a robust working product on time and on budget. Students are assumed to be competent in basic problem solving skills.