Event Landing Page

Virtual live pitching via Zoom

Our live pitching event is held on Zoom. We’ll kick off in the main Zoom session with brief opening remarks. We’ll then move to three separate Zoom sessions, each dedicated to one of the three tracks: General Technology, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Social Impact.

Teams will present simultaneously in each track, which allow you to hop into each room whenever you’d like. After the competition ends, we’ll return to the main Zoom session for networking while judges deliberate.

We’ll then reconvene in the main Zoom session for the finalist announcement.

Watch parties

We are also hosting watch parties on the third floor of the Joyce Cummings Center for students to watch each track live with friends while enjoying pizza on the house. Just come to the 3rd party and we will help you find your track.

On-line Q&A via Slido for In-Person and Virtual Attendees

In-person and virtual attendees can ask any team a question through an online platform called Slido. Click “Ask a question” on any track. Upvote/downvote existing questions, or ask a new question in this format: “[TEAM NAME] Question”.


Join Live Virtual Pitching Rooms

Track 1:
General Technology

Track 2:
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Track 3:
Social Impact

Presentation Agenda & Format


  • 6:00 pm Doors open
  • 6:05 pm Introductory remarks
  • 6:35 pm Move to tracks
  • 6:45 pm Introductions of judges within each track
  • 6:50 pm Team 1
  • 7:02 pm Team 2
  • 7:14 pm Team 3
  • 7:28 pm Team 4
  • 7:40 pm Team 5
  • 7:52 pm Deliberation
  • 8:25 pm Announcements of winners
  • 8:45 pm Adjourn


  • 5 minute live virtual pitch + 5 minute Q&A
  • 1-2 presenters
  • Entire team joins during Q&A
  • When one team is presenting, the next team is on deck ready to go immediately after the first team is done
  • Q&A with audience on Slido only
  • Teams MUST stay on time! We will cut the Q&A time if teams go longer than 5 minutes.
  • Pro-tip: Judges love it if teams finish pitching early and have more time for Q&A.

Run Order

Track 1:
General Technology

  • A Day With
  • Blancour
  • Caravel Bio
  • EcoView
  • P107 Drone Service

Track 2:
Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Silkbone
  • SmartH
  • VF24
  • Duo Toothpaste

Track 3:
Social Impact

  • Blesser Breakers
  • Equiballot
  • Museo Minca
  • TalkMotion
  • Yummy Greens