Pitch Perfect!

Learn to deliver the best venture pitch, ever

Pitch Perfect

There’s public speaking, and then their’s venture pitching. The latter is a unique art form. This page contains resources to help you master the art of inspiring your audience through your venture pitch.

Learn to pitch


Blog Post: Guy Kawasaki's 10-slide template
Guy Kawasaki, an investor, author, thought leader and former Apple strategist, has a timeless 10-slide infographic that outlines everything you need to include in a new venture pitch.
Blog post: Sequoia Capital's slide template
Sequoia Capital, an elite VC firm in Silicon Valley, has a much-cited pitch deck template in circulation. This is the original post where they outlined what should go into the pitch deck.


This is a helpful artist’s interpretation of the bare bones outline.


Video: The perfect elevator pitch

Watch this video on the perfect elevator pitch by Patrick Dang.


Video: Public speaking for beginners
Watch this short video on public speaking for beginners.


Video: The perfect elevator pitch
Watch this video on the perfect elevator pitch by Patrick Dang.


Video: Optimizing your Zoom presence
Watch this short skit by Rachel Cossar and Scott Kirsner on how to optimize your Zoom presence.


Video: How to stand and walk during a pitch


Blog post: Talk construction with sticky notes
Read “Great talks start with Sticky notes” by Professor Elaine Chen of Tufts University.
"And, But, Therefore" framework by Randy Olson
Randy Olson, a former professor turned speech coach, has a book titled “Houston, we have a narrative” in which he uses the easy to understand “And, But, Therefore” (ABT) framework to help scientists and technologists learn to stop boring their audience with technical jabberwocky and start telling emotionally interesting stories about science and technology.
Video: Kurt Vonnegut on the shape of stories
The inimitable Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) gave a hilarious talk about the shape of stories, using Cinderella and other such examples to illustrate the importance of varying the emotional content while telling a story.