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Elaine Chen

Cummings Family Professor of the Practice in Entrepreneurship & Director, DEC; Founder & MD, Conceptspring

Talk to me about: Entrepreneurial career options, Boston innovation ecosystem, tough tech startups, fundraising, starting a small biz, robotics & AI, SaaS, nonprofits

Carol Denning

Assistant Director, DEC; Academic advisor, undergraduate Entrepreneurship program

Talk to me about: Entrepreneurship courses and minors; DEC competitions and prizes; corporate retail & wholesale planning and merchandising; corporate innovation

Cody Damon

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, DEC; Cofounder, Media Cause

Talk to me about: Nonprofit and social impact organizations, integrated digital marketing campaigns, bootstrapped startups

Marcus Johnson-Smith

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, DEC; Cofounder & CMO, Kush Groove

Talk to me about: Branding, merchandising, retail operations, working with government regulatory bodies.

Idicula Mathew

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, DEC; Cofounder & CEO, Hera Health Solutions

Talk to me about: Growth-style startups, healthcare and life science ventures, medical devices

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Timi Dayo-Kayode

Timi Dayo-Kayode, Technologist

Melissa Pickering

VP Product Management, Willow Innovation Inc.

Sezin Yigit

Cofounder and Advisor, Mori

Karen Donoghue

Karen Donoghue, Interaction Architect, Principal at HumanLogic

Chris Roby

Product Manager, Google

Expert Mentors – Contact us for an introduction

Trilo Das

Trilo Das

Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs, Avania

Noah Elion

Noah Elion

Founder and CEO, Lovd

Sean Harrington

Sean Harrington

Founder and General Manager, Notemeal @ Teamworks

Sam Laber

Sam Laber

Cofounder & CMO, Spoonful

Farah Momen

Farah Momen

Founder and FoodX Designer, Bondhu

Chip Terry

Chip Terry

Founder and CEO, Blue Trace

Amanda Wang

Amanda Wang

Cofounder and CEO, Potencia