ENT100 Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking
When:  Fall and Spring
Credits:  3
Enrollment Restrictions:  None - all are welcome
Additional Notes:  This is a great entry point into the portfolio of Entrepreneurship courses!


Wendy Swart Grossman

Wendy Swart Grossman

As a Creative Practitioner, Entrepreneur, and Consultant, Wendy brings her expertise in building effective partnerships, strategic planning, coaching, measurable outcomes, communication, and workshop facilitation to the table.
Avital Shira

Avital Shira

Avital Shira's work focuses on building and empowering communities through sharing stories.


This introductory course is designed for students curious about how to unleash their creative spirits to solve big problems with innovative solutions. You will learn a variety of skills, including ideation techniques, design thinking and more to help stimulate brainstorming and creativity. You will apply these skills in rapid ideation workshops, where you will repeatedly challenge your brain to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to real world problems in startup, corporate, non-profit and government settings. You will develop creative problem-solving capabilities that can help you succeed in personal and professional settings.


Along the way, you will meet innovators and entrepreneurs, hear their stories, and learn how they apply these mindsets and skillsets to their work.