Legacy Requirements for the ENT Minor

ENT Minor Requirements before Fall 2022

Earning the minor before Fall 2022

Legacy requirements for ENT Minor

Before Fall 2022, ENT Minor candidates must take four core courses plus one elective from our full list of courses. Starting in Fall 2022, we have made the minor much more flexible – students may take one foundational course, followed by 12 credits, 6 of which must be from a core list of courses. These changes are fully backwards compatible, so students who planned their course progression with the legacy requirements will automatically satisfy the new minor requirements.


For students in the School of Arts and Sciences, a maximum of two courses used to fulfill a foundation, distribution or concentration requirement may be used toward fulfillment of the minor. There are no  restrictions for students in the School of Engineering.

Course Attributes

All ENT courses include the following class attributes: BFA-Social Science, LA-Distribution-Social Sciences, SoE-HASS-Social Sciences.

Four Core Courses

Required Core Courses


Choose from any of the following

  • ENT 100 Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • ENT 109 Societal Aspects of Design
  • ENT 141/AMER 141 Innovative Social Enterprises
  • ENT 151 / COMP 150 Entrepreneurship for Computer Science
  • ENT 161 Consumer Product Ventures
  • ENT 162 Bringing Products to Market
  • ENT 163 Entrepreneurial Business Law
  • ENT193.04 Non-Profits, Philanthropy and Impact
  • ENT193.05 Team and Talent Management
  • ENT106 The Science of Sales
  • ENT194.01 Entrepreneurial Internships
  • ENT194.02 Inside the Classroom
  • ENT199 Entrepreneurial Field Studies
  • NUTR 280 | ENT193.03 Nutrition and Entrepreneurship
  • EC 03 Financial Accounting
  • EC 50 Introduction to Finance
  • EM 51 Engineering Management
  • EM 52 Technical and Managerial Communications
  • EM 54 Engineering Leadership
  • EM 153 Management of Innovation
  • DR 27 Public Speaking
  • UEP 130 Negotiation, Mediation, & Conflict Resolution

How to get the minor

Declare the minor

Students must declare the minor with the Registrar’s office. Please visit the Major and Minor Declaration page to learn more about this process. You can complete this process at any point during your experience with the Entrepreneurship for Social Impact Minor.

Complete the Minor Certification Form

After declaring the minor with Student Services, students must complete the Minor Certification Form. This can be completed before you have finished all required courses and before you have received final grades. Once the form is approved, we will return a signed copy to the student’s email address. Students will then bring the signed form to Student Services before their graduation period’s deadline.