ENT105 Entrepreneurial Marketing
When:  Fall, Spring
Credits:  3
Enrollment Restrictions:  Must have at least Sophomore standing. Recommended prerequisite: ENT 101
Additional Notes:  This course may be used to satisfy the 6-credit core requirements for the ENT Minor


Jack Derby

Jack Derby

Jack is a professor within the Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts where he teaches separate courses in marketing and in sales.
Gavin Finn

Gavin Finn

Gavin Finn is President & CEO of Kaon Interactive, a profitable, high growth B2B software company.


This course focuses on institutional and product marketing methods used by start-up to medium-sized companies. After an overview of basic marketing principles, the course will cover the spectrum from day-to-day marketing activities of the entrepreneurial business to positioning and strategy. Students will learn to analyze, formulate, and implement marketing strategies, explore concepts for understanding customer behavior and creating an entrepreneurial marketing strategy, and learn the fundamentals of market research, pricing, and reaching and selling to customers.