Entrepreneurial Internship Program

For Students

Students interested in entrepreneurial summer jobs in real life can browse a curated job list and apply for a job.

Students with offers to work for unpaid internships at eligible employers may apply for a $4,500 grant for a 10-week internship through the Entrepreneurial Internship Fund, administered by the Career Office.

Step 1: Find a job

  1. Browse entrepreneurial jobs either in our our curated job list or on Handshake.
  2. Reach out via email to the contact person listed in the curated job list and start the process of applying for the job. Not all curated jobs have a Handshake link (some are still in process) – simply email the contact person directly.
  3. Prepare for – and ace – the interviews.
  4. Get an offer.

Step 2: Apply for a grant (if applicable)

  1. Check the eligibility of your employer on the “For Employers” page.
  2. If your employer is eligible, AND you have received an offer for an unpaid internship, you can apply for the “Entrepreneurial Internship Grant” via the career office’s Summer Internship Grant program.

Step 3: Confirm acceptance and start date

  1. Confirm your acceptance of the $4,500 internship grant with the career office
  2. Confirm acceptance and start date with your employer
  3. Participate in an orientation session prior to the start date