Entrepreneurial Internship Program

For Students

Students interested in entrepreneurial summer jobs in real life can browse a curated job list and apply for a job. Students with offers to work for unpaid internships at eligible employers may apply for a $4,500 grant for a 10-week internship through the Entrepreneurial Internship Fund, administered by the Career Office.

The Career Center application deadline is March 17, 2024. Students need to have an offer to a qualifying unpaid internship prior to applying. Read on for instructions. 

Step 1: Find a job

  • Browse entrepreneurial jobs either in our our curated job list or on Handshake.
  • Reach out via email to the contact person listed in the curated job list and start the process of applying for the job. Not all curated jobs have a Handshake link (some are still in process) – simply email the contact person directly.
  • Prepare for – and ace – the interviews.
  • Get an offer.

Step 2: Apply for a grant (if applicable)

  • Check the eligibility of your employer on the “For Employers” page.
  • If your employer is eligible, AND you have received an offer for an unpaid internship, you can apply for the “Entrepreneurial Internship Grant” via the career office’s Summer Internship Grant program.
  • Successful candidates provide thoughtful answers to the application where it comes to previous experience, interest in the job and more. Feel free to preview a successful application by clicking the button below.

Step 3: Confirm acceptance and start date

  • Confirm your acceptance of the $4,500 internship grant with the career office.
  • Confirm acceptance and start date with your employer.
  • Participate in an orientation session prior to the start date.