DEC Entrepreneurial Internship Program

Connecting students to entrepreneurial summer internships

There is no better way to learn how entrepreneurship works than to work in an entrepreneurial setting and no better time to do so than the summer. The Entrepreneurial Internship Program connects students with summer jobs in entrepreneurial settings.

For new ventures who have not raised significant funding or generated significant revenue, who are not able to pay their interns, we offer a limited number of Internship Grants through the career office that pays $4000 per student for a 10-week summer internship. Read on to learn more.

Entrepreneurial Internships

For Students

Students interested in working in an early stage venture can browse for, and get connected with, paid or unpaid internship opportunities on our curated entrepreneurial job board. Employers will conduct their own selection process and selected students will receive a job offer directly from the employer.

Students who receive an offer for an unpaid entrepreneurial internship from a qualifying new venture/small business or non-profit may apply for a summer internship grant worth $4000 for a 10-week internship.

Following are the steps for students to apply for this grant:

  1. Browse entrepreneurial jobs either in our curated job list or on Handshake.
  2. Apply for the job.
  3. Get an offer.
  4. Apply for the “Entrepreneurial Internship Grant” via the career office. The application period opens in February 2023.

For Employers

The purpose of this program is to connect Tufts students with summer internships in entrepreneurial settings. Companies are encouraged to list both paid and unpaid internships.

We have a limited number of $4000 grants per student for them to take a 10-week internship with a qualifying young company that has not raised significant funding / does not currently generate significant revenue.

Companies who wish to be considered for the $4000 coverage per intern must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The company must be less than 10 years old
  • The company must have between 2-30 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees
  • The company must commit to providing 1×1 mentorship to the student on a weekly basis
  • All companies may apply, however preference may be given to companies co-founded / led by Tufts alumni

If you are interested in hiring a Tufts intern, please list your job here.