BME 184 Biomedical Entrepreneurship & Strategy
When:  Spring
Credits:  3
Enrollment Restrictions:  Upper level undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in the health or medical fields. Ideally suited for students focusing in chemistry, biology, community health or engineering, or with consent of instructor.
Additional Notes:  Offered by the Biomedical Engineering Department


This course focuses on offering valuable insight into translational research, strategic business planning and inter-functional leadership skills critical to the successful creation of a biomedical company with the aim to translate product ideation and development into a commercializable technology and sustainable business.

Students will develop a detailed understanding of conceptual development through commercialization of a med-tech product and start to build the vocabulary and knowledgebase necessary to become successful industry leaders. The course is designed to provide students with the foundation to evaluate opportunities, formulate a business plan and identify executable steps toward a commercialization goal.  Course evaluations will be based on participation during in-class discussions of assigned readings and project performance.

Preview syllabus here. (Subject to change – consult Canvas for current version)