ENT193.01 Building Your Entrepreneurial Toolkit
When:  Spring
Credits:  3
Enrollment Restrictions:  No restrictions. First year students are welcome.
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Kate Weiler

Kate Weiler

Kate is a Co-Founder of Drink Simple. She is an Ironman triathlete and passionate advocate for nutrition and holistic wellness.
Josh Wiesman

Josh Wiesman

Josh Wiesman teaches Consumer Product Ventures (one of the foundational entrepreneurship courses for the Entrepreneurship Minor at Tufts) and Bringing Products to Market.


An introductory course developed by Josh Wiesman and Kate Weiler Rose

Understanding how your product or service fits with the consumer and how your business will fit into the market is the first step to creating a successful business. In this course students will start to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, innovation, culture, business models and strategy and how these elements vary across industries.

The course will be supported by a diverse lineup of accomplished guest lecturers from fields such as healthcare, consumer packaged goods (food & beverage), software, consulting, fintech and social impact. Team and individual assignments will reinforce key elements from the lectures and help students build up their own entrepreneurial toolkits.