ENT194.01 Inside the Classroom
When:  Fall, Spring
Credits:  3
Enrollment Restrictions:  Must have at least Sophomore standing. Registration requires department consent. Having taken the course you are proposing to support and earned an "A" grade is a prerequisite.
Additional Notes:  Permission/invitation by faculty is required. Limit 2 students per ENT class.


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“Inside the Classroom” allows students to serve as Classroom Operating Officers (COO), where they receive course credit for providing leadership, mentorship and student support for Entrepreneurship courses. By taking Inside the Classroom, you will assist in coaching peers, organizing course work, attendance tracking, and observing group work.

Learning objectives will be jointly defined by the student and the instructor. Generally, COOs build a deeper understanding and appreciation of the course that they are helping to support, and they will also develop leadership skills, project management skills and have an opportunity to expand their professional network via working with guest speakers and other visitors to the course they are supporting.

The time commitment for this course is similar to any other 3 credit course in the ENT portfolio. The COO will attend class every week, they will work with the instructors to prepare for and run each class. They will also meet with students, read submissions, help administer the course, take questions, mentor teams, help teams learn about project management and adopt best practices in collaboration, give teams feedback during pitch practice and the like.

A student can receive credit for up to 2 semesters as COO. The COO course can only be taken once a semester. The COO cannot support the same course twice. 

While the COO provides valuable instructional support to a class, it is also an educational experience for the student. It is not a paid Teaching Assistant position.