TML015 | ENT015 Living a Life with Purpose (2 credits, Second Half)
When:  Spring
Credits:  2 credits, Second Half
Enrollment Restrictions:  None
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Jane Seminara

Jane Seminara

Jane Seminara has extensive experience teaching courses in ethical leadership, social justice, and public speaking in various educational settings.


Taking a holistic view of life and leadership, this course will challenge students to explore practical and profound questions related to living a purpose-driven life both personally and professionally. The course will address issues such as work/life balance, personal ethics and effectiveness, self-knowledge, discovering one’s own authentic voice and vision, and how to contribute to a global society with an ethical mindset and cultural sensitivity. The course is designed to be an engaging interactive seminar which will use literature, film, social commentary, and real-life leadership portraits as springboards for personal and professional discernment.