Dasha Agoulnik

Owner, CorePerform

Before I became a registered dietitian, I was an athlete who was sick from and sick of the protein in this industry. My clients were suffering from gut issues and told me the same horror stories. We had no solution for a tasty and creamy gut-friendly protein powder that delivered the same muscle building effects as whey.

After graduating with a Masters degree in Nutritional Epidemiology from Tufts University, I knew how to create the most optimized formula. I took that research and brought it to you. 

CorePerform makes nutrition digestible. 

With consumer health and evidence-based practices in mind, our goal is to support your core, so you can perform those daily tasks that once seemed impossible. 

Our products are optimized to provide the tastiest, most efficient formulas with the least ingredients. We are made by consumers and for consumers. 

We hope you and your core enjoy our flavorful foods!