David Jen

Managing Director - Finance and Corporate Development, X, The Moonshot Factory

David is the head of the investments, finance, and corporate development at X (formerly known as Google X).  In this role, David leads diligence and capital allocation across a portfolio of ‘Moonshot projects,’ pairing patient capital with amazing technologies, entrepreneurs, and business models to build the next generational company at Alphabet  While at X, David has been fortunate enough to help build several amazing businesses including Waymo, Verily, Intrinsic, and Project Wing.

David is also a Venture Partner at UP.Partners, an advisor at Tufts University, and sits on several boards.  David is passionate about turning nascent technologies into businesses, transparency through metrics, and creating the right environment for repeatable innovation.

Outside of work, David enjoys being a dad to his kids James and Nora… that’s not true… sometimes he really enjoys being with them… other times he doesn’t… but he still loves them very much.