Devan Venkataraman

Associate, Software Strategy Group at EY-Parthenon

I am driven to improve lives and businesses through technology.

I developed an affinity for the startup world through two internships with SaaS startups in top accelerators at a young age. I further chased this passion in my work with TAMID Group, a global startup consulting organization to which I dedicated 400+ hours during college in a host of different leadership positions.

I spent three years developing a software platform to help charitable organizations and initiatives raise more money and improve financial transparency. I received Tufts University’s largest individual entrepreneurial prize for my work and worked with teams of 5 engineers and 5 student consultants to arrive at an MVP in my senior year. I also conducted Behavioral Economic research in the Economics department at Tufts to explore how information share and financial transparency affects donor behavior in an online giving environment.

Currently at EY-Parthenon’s Software Strategy Group.