Forrest Snowden

Chairman and CEO, Chief Gold Inc. (Holding company, Chief Gold, Inc; Aria Gems, Inc.; Aria Plus and more)

Forrest Snowden is the Chairman and CEO of Aria Gems (mining high quality emeralds) and Chief Gold (gold brokers) which are vertically integrated companies as a “miner to designer” business model.

His companies also provide complex International, high value, logistics solutions as systems engineers for the World’s largest logistics companies.
Formally, he was a multiple awardee executive at IBM, Deloitte, and KPMG spanning 25 years excelling on starting new divisions and companies. He has closed deals at over 50 Global Fortune 500 companies personally. He was awarded as one of the fathers of E-Commerce by the US Commerce Agency last century while he was the Global Head of IBM’s secure E-Commerce division.