George Blount

Courses:  TGI111 Developing Financial Literacy

As a Financial Therapist & Behavioral Economist, George Blount helps individuals overcome financial fears and help organizations use this information to teach money concepts and create wellness programs. This is his way of bridging the gaps he saw in the industry and of bringing a distinctive and personalized approach to the financial services marketplace

In 2020 George was named one of the Top 100 People in Finance 2020 by top 100 magazine, and in 2015 he served as Co-Chair of the adult sub-committee for the MA Financial Literacy Task Force, Appointed by MA Treasurer Deborah Goldberg.

George is an adjunct lecturer of Managerial Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Behavioral & Personal Finance by choice. He loves teaching and taking advantage of the opportunity to share more than 20 years of experience as a financial services professional and research expertise in wealth financial planning, retirement planning, behavior sciences, decision-making, analytics, and strategy.

George’s educational background includes Johnson & Wales University, where he  received an Associates of Finance and Bachelor of Science in Management degrees, and Walden University, where he  received a Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Business Administration.