Jason Burke

Founder & CEO

Jason Burke is founder of All Stage, an invest-tech platform bringing community and collaboration to early-stage investing & fundraising. All Stage’s innovations provide investors and founders a central hub to communicate and collaborate during the investment and fundraising processes. Jason focuses on product development, strategy, sales and partnerships to grow the business and meet the needs of the market.

Jason is an investor in early-stage companies and is a managing director & founding partner of TBD Angels. He feels privileged to invest in and collaborate with talented founding teams seeking to change the world with innovative products & businesses.

Jason spent about 15 years in leadership roles across product, strategy and business development roles within the advertising technology space, focused on forward-looking platform & business strategy, corporate development, partnerships, and management of companies’ strategic priorities.

Jason is a leader with the unique experience of working with executive customer teams and internal product development/engineering groups to drive business while also solving software and implementation challenges with internal and external technical teams. He is also a frequent contributor to industry publications and participant on advertising technology and media conference presentations and panels. Jason holds several software patents focused on inventions in advertising technology and media.

Jason is based in Boston and has degrees in Computer Science and Engineering Psychology from Tufts University.