Josh Kapelman

Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Hilldun Corporation; Chair of the Development and Governance Committee, Board of Advisors, Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts

Joshua Kapelman is the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Hilldun Corporation.

Prior to joining, Joshua had extensive experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and sales; having launched two companies in the e-sports market during its infancy. Hilldun, is well known as the company that provides entrepreneurial financing and factoring for many of America’s iconic fashion brands. Joshua has also served as a speaker and judge at a number of conferences, including recently serving as judge at the Fashioning Our Industry pitch competition and speaking at the British Fashion Council’s annual British Fashion Forum.

Joshua sits on several boards including on one of his angel investments.

Joshua was raised in New York and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Tufts University. He remains active with Tufts University’s Derby Entrepreneurship Center where he sits on its Board of Advisors as the chair of its Development and Governance Committee.

In his free time Josh enjoys kiteboarding and spending time with his wife and kids.