Omer Trajman

Founder, AskFora

Omer Trajman is a business executive with deep technology expertise. Omer has spent the past twenty years on the front lines, leading teams responsible for some of today’s largest modern database and operations systems management deployments. Combining a background in Computer Engineering from Tufts University with a passion for customer success, Omer has an innate understanding of what it takes to make customers successful with new technologies.

Throughout his career, Omer has been hands on, applying modern technologies to solve real-life business problems. He’s created big data solutions for leading organizations in financial services, healthcare, retail, logistics, insurance, web, media, and government, forming robust connections with data focused leaders around the globe. The primary driver in Omer’s career has been an expanding breadth of knowledge in technology and active engagement in addressing critical business needs. He’s passionate about sharing these experiences with students and faculty at the Derby  Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts and supporting budding entrepreneurs in their careers.