Thomas Van de Velde

Lecturer, Founder, Stealth
Courses:  ENT164 Introduction to Making

Thomas Van de Velde is an accomplished technology executive with a proven track record of driving innovation and operational excellence in e-commerce and retail. With notable roles at Amazon, Best Buy, Warner Bros., Disney, and Accenture, he has consistently delivered transformative results.

As the Director of Micro Fulfillment at Amazon Robotics, Thomas established a groundbreaking organization focused on revolutionizing warehouse operations and enhancing delivery and pickup services. His leadership led to the development of new fulfillment systems, resulting in exceptional efficiency, customer satisfaction, and industry-leading fulfillment times. Thomas successfully launched an innovative beta store for Amazon Style, enabling seamless in-store shopping and automatic delivery to fitting rooms. He also designed a novel system that optimized vertical space utilization, reducing floor space requirements by 50% and setting new industry benchmarks.

During his tenure as the Director of Amazon Grocery Operations Technology, Thomas led cross-functional teams to enable seamless delivery and pickup from Whole Foods, Fresh stores, and third-party locations worldwide. He strategically integrated in-store and online shopping experiences to optimize customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Following the acquisition of Whole Foods, Thomas orchestrated the consolidation of inventory management and warehouse capabilities, streamlining processes and enhancing operational agility.

Thomas has made significant contributions to digital transformation initiatives at Best Buy, Warner Bros., and Disney. At Best Buy, he established a new unit and launched a cloud-based shared services platform, driving substantial online revenue growth. At Warner Bros., he led the digital transformation of the B2B supply chain, while at Disney, he delivered consumer-facing projects and automated content production workflows. Thomas played a pivotal role in developing, supporting the NFL Network’s vision of direct-to-consumer media services.

Throughout his career, Thomas has demonstrated a deep understanding of the industry, leveraging technology, partnerships, and data-driven insights to drive operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth. With his strategic vision, leadership acumen, and cross-functional collaboration, Thomas consistently delivers transformative results in complex and dynamic environments.