Tony Cueva Bravo

Head of Business Development and Strategy,

Tony Cueva Bravo is the Head of Business Development and Strategy at He is deeply passionate about the entrepreneurial journey, driven by the challenge of creating positive change through building resilient, self-sustaining businesses.

Throughout his career, Tony has embarked on numerous entrepreneurial ventures, from founding his own startup to assisting other startups in developing new business divisions. Each experience has enriched his understanding and skills in business innovation. His professional journey is marked by geographical and industrial diversity, having lived and worked across three continents—China, Chile, and the USA—each contributing to his global business perspective.

Tony believes strongly in the power of teamwork, always aiming to elevate team performance and achieve extraordinary results together. With an openness to new cultures and experiences, he continues to seek out new horizons, eager to leverage his experiences for growth and innovation. Tony looks forward to connecting with others to create meaningful impact.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Science in Ingeniera Electronica from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and a Master of Science in Biomedical / Medical Engineering from the University of Michigan.