Trevor Nicks, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO, Caravel Bio
Trevor Nicks

Trevor originally planned to be a chemistry teacher, but the looming climate crisis changed those plans. A techno-optimist, he co-founded and was CSO of Spira, Inc., an algae company, as a college junior. After coming to terms with the many obstacles facing traditional cellular technologies, he returned to undergrad and decided to pursue a PhD. Trevor completed his PhD in Nikhil Nair’s lab at Tufts University in the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering. His thesis research focused on developing low-cost tools for improving protein stability and activity.

Trevor grew up on a farm in Missouri and attended William Jewell College, where he studied biochemistry, applied critical thought & inquiry (liberal-arts), and business administration. He was a varsity athlete and captain of the track and field team, throwing shot put, discus, and hammer.

When Trevor is not planning experiments, he spends time on his favorite hobbies. He’s an avid gardener, pianist, potter, baker, and hiker. He has a real passion for Kansas City BBQ, taking his dogs, T-Rex & Whiskey, to the beach, and traveling with his partner. His most favorite recent trip was visiting the active Fagradalsfjal volcano in Iceland.