Wabei Saboi

Cofounder, Blesser Breakers

Wabei Saboi, F22, is a dedicated social entrepreneur, consultant, and trainer specializing in community capacity building through initiatives in global health, economic development, and women’s empowerment. With a proven track record, she has successfully implemented projects that have made a tangible impact on disadvantaged communities worldwide.

As a Co-Founder of Blesser Breakers, an innovative poverty solution intervention based in Zambia, she is passionate about addressing systemic challenges and fostering sustainable change. In her career thus far, she has collaborated with diverse stakeholders, including local communities, nonprofits, government agencies, and international organizations, to design and implement effective strategies that drive positive social change. Her expertise lies in empowering individuals and communities to become self-reliant by fostering entrepreneurship, improving healthcare systems, and promoting gender equality. She is committed to equipping others with the tools and resources they need to create lasting change within their communities.