Entrepreneurial Workshops and Speaker Events

Business Models and Pricing Strategy
Professor Tina Weber
Lecturer, Derby Entrepreneurship Center; Co-founder and CEO, A Starting Line

In this workshop, we will explore various ways to make money through different business models and pricing strategies. We will look at how you can draw inspiration from, but not become constrained by, precedence in how your competitors or other players in the market have charged for similar solutions – and how to define your own path forward with this background information. We will look at how you can price your offerings in for-profit and non-profit situations, especially in situations where your economic buyer may not be your end user or beneficiary.

This session is led by Prof. Tina Weber, Faculty Director of the Tufts Venture Accelerator.

Hosted by the Derby Entrepreneurship Center (DEC).

This Entrepreneurial Workshop Series is part of the Tufts Venture Accelerator