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Fireside chat with Jonathan Chang
Jonathan Chang
Co-founder and CEO, Markit Social

Jonathan Chang, E20, Founder and CEO of MarkIt Social spoke to our undergraduate students in Fall 2021 about how his new venture, MarkIt Social, a location-based social network that helps people find things to do and make plans with their friends, conducted extensive primary market research to understand customer needs and wants, and how this insight drove product definition and development.

This talk is part of our “Inside the Entrepreneurial Classroom at Tufts” series where we open up guest speaker segments of our undergraduate entrepreneurship courses to the public. Jonathan will be speaking to the ENT101.03 Entrepreneurship and Business Planning Cohort for Fall 2021.

Where are they now?

Since speaking to our class in Fall 2021, Jonathan Chang and Brawner Quan have taken MarkitSocial to new heights. They recently presented their tremendous progress at the Techstars Boston Demo Day, Summer 2022. Watch his pitch to see how a young direct-to-consumer (D2C) company went from 0 to 10,000+ users with 47% retention in less than a year.

The Markit Social segment starts at 23:50 in the Youtube video. Enjoy!