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Entrepreneurial Speaker Series: Tufts Alumni Entrepreneurs Panel

Entrepreneurial Speaker Series: Tufts Alumni Entrepreneurs Panel

Tufts Alumni Entrepreneurs Panel

There is not one path towards entrepreneurship. In this panel, you will hear the stories of three very different entrepreneurs:

  • Sandra Babu-Boateng, F21, is a serial social entrepreneur who started her career in traditional media, cofounded two social enterprises and is currently Cofounder and CEO of LegacyShift, a tech startup building a talent market network that smart-matches employees/members with internal experts for skills training, mentorship, and career support.
  • Jonathan Chang, E20, is a first time founder who started his career in robotics, then became the Cofounder & CEO of Markit Social, which gives event creators a simple way to promote events where event creators use text messaging to capture and grow their audience.
  • Masrura Oishi, F21, served in leadership roles in multiple mission-driven enterprises and has been an ecosystem builder and innovation educator in Bangladesh and Singapore before founding Baak Network, a women led initiative that prepares adolescent girls in Bangladesh to access, utilize and sustain mentorship at critical turning points of their lives.

This talk is part of our “Inside the Entrepreneurial Classroom at Tufts” series where we open up guest speaker segments of Tufts University’s undergraduate entrepreneurship courses to the public.

Hosted by the Derby Entrepreneurship Center (DEC).