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Tufts event: Women in Tech @ Tufts 2022

Tufts event: Women in Tech @ Tufts 2022

Tufts University’s sixth annual conference celebrating ​women and non-binary individuals in technology, IN PERSON!

Supported by Tufts Women in Computer Science ​and Tufts Department of Computer Science

Empower Today, Lead Tomorrow

Women in Tech 2022 is Tufts University’s fifth annual conference celebrating women and non-binary individuals in technology. For the first time since 2019, we will hold our conference in person at Tufts University!

Our Mission

WiT strives to foster community amongst women and non-binary individuals by spotlighting intersectional identities. Our collegiate conference allows attendees to widen their horizons through workshops, talks, and panels about different fields within tech. We aim to provide students with a network of professionals and prepare them for upcoming recruiting events, such as the Tufts Career Fair and GHC.

While our primary goal is to celebrate women in technology, we are open to all genders and strive to foster a safe space for all individuals who come from historically excluded groups in tech, such as LGBTQ+ individuals and people of color. We strongly encourage anyone of a marginalized group in tech, woman or not, to attend our conference and take advantage of our various resources.

We cannot opt out of discussing social justice when considering diversity in tech. As a conference highlighting the importance of equity and inclusion, WiT stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We know that many companies still have work to do when it comes to addressing systemic racism, but this work begins with us as well. WiT will not be working with any individuals or organizations that contribute to police brutality or the military industrial complex. We do not condone bigotry or injustice in any form.

Tufts WiT 2022 is proudly produced by Tufts Women in Computer Science.